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Game critic looks at problem of LGBT representation in video games

Poor Matthew Patrick. All he wanted to do was talk about video games and drag. How could it go so horribly wrong?

The problem lies in the pixels.

Take, for instance, the high-sock, limp-wristed, high-heeled, leather-daddied, effeminate mid-boss villain Ash from Streets of Rage 3. That’s basically every gay stereotype you could imagine rolled into one character. While it may be a silly joke, when you see that joke repeated over and over again, it reinforces beliefs about gay people.

The gaming critic, who runs YouTube channel Game Theory, recently uploaded a video on just a few ways the gaming industry has failed the LGBT community over the years. From the equation of homosexuality to mental illness to stereotypes and more, Game Theory is an excellent toe dip into the problem of LGBT representation in video gaming.