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Pleading with the devil, Michele Bachmann

Justin Aaberg, who hung himself in 2010. 

Tammy Aaberg met with a representative from Michele Bachmann's office (because the bitch was too busy enjoying her 15 minutes on Jay Leno's show), on behalf of her son, Justin, who hung himself after being bullied at a Anoka-Hennepin District school. Bachmann is congresswoman for that part of Minnesota. Other students who had endured bullying in the district were also at the meeting, including a teenaged lesbian who reported incidents of abuse, ranging from being called a "faggot" and a "dyke" to being urinated on. 

At the meeting, Aaberg presented a petition with more than 130,000 signatures urging Bachmann to condemn her district's "neutral" stance on sexual orientation issues. Students present also reported that when they approached teachers about the bullying, they were told to "lay low," "stay out of people's way" and "ignore" the harassment. When asked, district officials said they must maintain a "neutral" stance on gay issues to avoid offending area residents who are divided on gay rights. 

So because they don't want to offend some rightwing bigoted parents, they don't stand up for their students? The teen suicide rate is shockingly higher in Bachmann's district compared to other areas of the United States. Who can blame them? If Bachmann were representing me, I'd want to kill myself, too. Since she is the only woman in the world who can make Sarah Palin look progressive, we shouldn't hold our breath that she'll find it in her warped and pathetic heart to save lives. Her inaction says that the kids she is supposed to be protecting are less important than her own personal beliefs on homosexuality. Bachmann is a self-serving murderer. When those kids kill themselves, or each other, their blood is on her shameful hands. She has the power and influence to prevent it from happening, and she chooses not to. 

Tammy Aaberg, whose loss I can only imagine, says she isn't hopeful Bachmann will make a change, but she "wanted to give her a chance to do the right thing." 

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