Toronto Diary
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Plus qui change — we’ll always be stalking and jerking each other

Another summer’s over, and with the return to colder weather, it seems that a lot of things are reverting to “normal” once again in our fair city — The CN Tower is once again the tallest “something or other” in the world, the TTC is once again showcasing its complete incompetence, and Heroes is once again sucking hard on a weekly basis.

But one startling change sure to enrage one segment of our community while pleasing another is that Remington’s is now allowing women inside any time after 10pm and on weekends. It’s not the first time women have been allowed into the club — contrary to the Sun’s report, they’ve always been allowed in for private fuctions.

Meanwhile, in the world of online stalking networking, MIT students have created a program that can accurately predict if a person is gay based on blind guesswork and stereotypes their Facebook friends list, while the Swedes have created a program that analyses how hetero your Twitter feed is. Mine’s only 1 percent hetero. For comparison’s sake, Ellen Degeneres’ is 73 percent hetero.

Of course, sometimes all it takes to figure out what floats someone’s boat is a TTC bus shelter ad, like this one that’s been making the Twitter/Facebook rounds this morning: