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Poetry, politics and queer perspectives

The Queer Behind the Mirror looks at all things, big and small, as a chance to laugh and learn

The Queer Behind the Mirror

When I write that Kama, the author of the excellent blog, The Queer Behind the Mirror, is a student, I mean that in the largest sense of the word: I believe this man to be a constant learner whose reflective insights will continue to grow far beyond his current sojourn at graduate school.

Having followed his posts for the better part of a year, I’ve witnessed Kama’s excitement over academic challenges as well as the finer points of the everyday. His thoughts on critical discourse, queer theory, and meeting Toni Morrison are delightfully interspersed with poetry, descriptions of gorgeous crushes and hilarious travel tales.

As a temporary resident for the duration of his studies, Kama also has a unique perspective on what it means to be Canadian, which he expresses both in his analysis of current events and his deep love of Tim Horton’s coffee. His online profile states that he “loves and does many other things.” If we’re lucky, he’ll blog about all of them.