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Pokemon, meningitis and fighting lesbians

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Amanda Nunes is the first openly gay UFC champion

After breaking her opponent’s nose and coming out on top, UFC martial artist Amanda Nunes became the sport’s first openly gay champion on Saturday. Nunes’ girlfriend Nina Ansaroff is also a UFC fighter.

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Westboro Baptist Church fights Pokemon battle

The new online augmented reality game Pokemon Go has spawned a virtual battle for the notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. After one user discovered the church was a node in the game, they claimed it with a pokemon called “LoveIsLove.” Westboro is fighting back, though, using anti-gay Pokemon of their own.

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Tunisian gay rights leader attempts suicide

After receiving a barrage of death threats and abuse following a television interview, Tunisian gay rights leader Ahmed Ben Amor attempted suicide this weekend. He was found by friends, and taken to hospital. Ben Amor is recovering, and gay rights activists around the region are promoting the hashtag #WeLoveYouAhmed to support him.

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Gay officer wounded in Dallas shooting

Gay police officer Jesus Retana was shot during the attack on a Dallas protest last week, reports the New Civil Rights Movement, where five other officers were killed by a lone gunman. Retana is recovering at home with his husband.

Meningitis outbreak in LA area

Local health officials say that they have seen an unusual 22 cases of invasive meningitis in LA and Orange County, more than half of which are among gay and bi men. Doctors are urging gay men in the area, especially those with HIV, to get vaccinated.

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