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Police violence, Dutch blood and Clinton’s excuses

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Lesbian couple attacked by Hawaii police officer for kissing

A lesbian couple from Los Angeles say they were harassed by an off-duty police officer in a Hawaii grocery store while on vacation because they were kissing. After one of the women tried to call 911, the officer grabbed her, resulting in a scuffle. The woman was then charged with assaulting a police officer. The charges were later dropped, and the women are suing the officer for discrimination.

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Taiwan gathers momentum for marriage

As Asia’s largest LGBT conference opened in Taipei, Taiwan, activists urged candidates in upcoming parliamentary elections to take a clear stand on equal marriage. Taiwan leads Asia in acceptance of same-sex relationships, and is seen as a prime candidate for an Asian breakthrough on marriage law.

Geidner: Clinton was against gay marriage

Buzzfeed reporter Chris Geidner has put together a detailed takedown of US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s controversial claim that she and her husband only passed the Defense of Marriage Act to head off a Republican constitutional amendment. There’s no evidence such an amendment was being considered, Geidner points out, and plenty of evidence that the president opposed same-sex marriage on principle.

Netherlands weakens gay blood ban, disappoints activists

The Netherlands has partially lifted its ban on blood donations by gay men, stipulating that men must not have had sex with another man for 12 months to give blood. Dutch LGBT activists were disappointed, pointing out the ban still blocks men practicing safe sex, or those in monogamous relationships from participating.

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A blow for Italy’s quirky municipal civil unions

An Italian administrative court has brought an end to a quiet way some Italian mayors were recognizing same-sex civil unions. Even though same-sex unions are not recognized in Italy, many mayors were allowing couples to register overseas marriages in municipal registers, effectively granting many legal rights. A suit by Italy’s right-wing interior minister, however, has banned the practice, setting Italian gay couples back to square one.

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