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Politics is fun!

Oh, we all had fun with Sarah Palin last fall, didn't we?  Well, she's still in the running to lead US conservatives but edged out only slightly by their newest embarrassment, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.  He's the Republican party's bright, less-white hope but his true notoriety comes from a 1994 article he wrote about his participation in an exorcism.

Yes, you read that right — exorcism.  We can only hope that Jindal becomes the next US president because that, as radio host Michaelangelo Signorile showed yesterday, would be comedy gold!

Speaking of which, a new Vanity Fair portfolio features Seth Rogan, Jason Segal, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd-Dagostino in a glorious parody of VF's infamous Tom Ford cover:

Shame about the body stockings though.  Cowards!

There was silliness in BC yesterday when the reigning Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey — His Most Imperial Sovereign Majesty Peace Emperor
V Wolfgang Bang! and Her Most Imperial
Sovereign Majesty Empress V Elektra Quecha — were forced to remove their crowns in the Legislature gallery.  Oh no, they di'int!!  The resulting scene looked something like this:

But the biggest political issue going is the environment and how to stop the rot.  Some Australian rugby players prove that conservation can be sexy: