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Pope Francis gives gay Catholic group his blessing

The gay Catholic group Kairos of Florence wrote a letter to the Vatican in June asking that the church treat them as "people" and not a "category" and that homosexual Catholics be treated with "openness."

The group has written the Vatican in the past and never received a response (I guess Ratzy the Nazi isn't much of a pen pal) and were delightfully surprised when Pope Francis wrote them a reply.

The group has decided to keep the content of the letters private but did reveal that Pope Francis "appreciated very much what we had written to him" and "also assured us of his benedictory greeting," says Kairos member Innocenzo Pontillo.

 They also received a letter from the Vatican Secretary of State, which let them know that Pope Francis "really enjoyed" their letter to him and the way it was written, calling it an act of "spontaneous confidence."

Hallelujah, much?