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Popping culture: a calendar for lovers of hirsuteness

Looking for a little extra something to put up on your wall? Forget to buy a calendar at one of those horrid little kiosks in the mall? You know, the ones with puppies and kittens and saccharine images galore?

Fear not, for Christian Fernández Mirón has you covered.

Image by Kyle Letendre


In 2010, Mirón launched his first Bears Illustrated calendar, a collection of images by artists from around the world depicting the hairy, the chunky and the bearded. This year’s edition includes artists from New York, Chicago, Porto and Santiago de Chile. The calendar is free to download.


Image by Jason Pepping

The website includes background information about the artists and information about the creation of each piece. You can also check out the blog or the Facebook page.

Image by Dave Valeza

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