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Popping culture: All about Pedro

There are certain filmmakers who take to the idea of being a true auteur: one who creates a world where the characters in it make sense, no matter how outrageous.

Pedro Almodovar is one of those filmmakers.  Whether it’s a pregnant HIV-positive nun who is inseminated by a preoperative trans sex worker or a 60-something lesbian actress named Smoke who is in love with a junkie, it all makes sense. Todos.

Many of Almodovar’s films are visual and narrative homages to other films.  Todo sobre mi madre, or All About My Mother, is influenced and inspired by All About Eve, and the tone and characters in his films seem to come straight from the potboilers and film noir of another era.

And so in that same vein, I was intrigued when I came upon this little short film on YouTube. It’s an homage to all the women who have graced Almodovar’s films and captures the crazy spirit that is present in the films. Turn on the subtitles and enjoy!