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Popping culture: Annie Leibovitz works become part of permanent collection at NS Gallery

Annie Leibovitz is coming to Halifax.

Or at least, her work is.

According to CBC, selections of the photographer’s work are becoming part of the gallery’s permanent collection, thanks to philanthropists Al and Faye Mintz from Toronto. Leibovitz recently had to sell much of her work due to crippling debt. Part of the stipulation of the sale of these works was that they go to a small gallery. And so we Haligonians will soon have access to some of Leibovitz’s best-known images.

Leibovitz started her career at Rolling Stone magazine during its 1970s heyday, but she became better known for her work with Vanity Fair, specifically photographing celebrities. She is responsible for such iconic images as John Lennon cradling Yoko Ono (taken hours before his death), a very pregnant and nude Demi Moore, and Whoopi Goldberg bathing in milk. All of these images will be part of the collection.

Leibovitz is also known for having been Susan Sontag’s
long-time companion and lover. Sontag, who is best known for her essays,
including “Notes on ‘Camp,’” worked with Leibovitz on a book called Women.


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