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Popping culture: bear and feeder bait

The internet is rife with parodies and satires of everything under the sun. If something is trending, someone is going to make fun of it. Most viral videos are some form of parody or satire, whether intentional or not. ("Double Rainbow,” anyone?)

One famed parody, written by Adam Ray, was video of a Kermit the Frog puppet watching the “2 Girls 1 Cup” video. The parody video, which has reached almost six million views, is just one example of Ray’s ideas about the ridiculousness of pop culture. Hence his latest video, a two-for-one deal mocking not only Carl’s Jr, an American fast-food chain known for its “sexy” commercials (I put the term in quotation marks, because really, this is considered sexy?), but also NyQuil, for its sleeptime hallucinogenic qualities.  Seriously, that shit fucks you up.

Or at least, enough that it makes straight boys fantasize about ginger bears rubbing burgers against their hairy man boobs. This is feeder porn disguised as comedy. Gold star.

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