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Popping culture: bearded boys in heels on a Saturday night

I tend not to post on Saturdays, but this seemed like the perfect exception to break the rule. 

The reason: Sambaca, by Alien Alien. The record was released in March of this
year, with a video, directed by Manuel Savoia, hitting the internet less than two weeks ago. The record is a slow burn of deep, dark voodoo-tinged disco. It’s a record that won’t quit with a video that glamorizes gender-queer images in an unapologetic and sexy manner:  bearded boys in heels pop, lock and strut in a decimated urban landscape, while the inimitable Lola Kola begs you to take it all in and join her in dancing to a grinding bassline that begs for undernourished sex drives to feed upon it.

I have been listening to this record for the past three days on repeat. I turn it up, boost the bass on my sound system and imagine what this record would sound like on a really big sound system.



ALIEN ALIEN – SAMBACA from manuel savoia on Vimeo.

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