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Popping Culture: Big Dipper wants to tell you something

Big Dipper is a skank and wants you to know it.

He also wants you to help him tell the world about it.

The man behind "Drip Drop" and "Meat Quotient" is getting ready to shoot a video for his new song, "Skank," but is in a bit of a tight bind, non-sexually speaking. To help raise funds for his latest endeavour, Dipper has gone to Kickstarter and created what is perhaps one of the most interesting online sales pitches I've seen in a while, stripping as he asks for money.

The Big D is running out of time, so if you're feeling him, you might want to hit him up sooner rather than later.

I do have one piece of advice for him, however: maybe don't show the goods until after you get the money. That's how you make it rain.