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Popping culture: Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham is immortalized in bobble-head form

Although it’s two months away, I already know what I want for Christmas.

A Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham Throbble-Head.

I’ve written about Damian for Xtra before and mentioned him here on this blog, so the fact that I am a fan is no real surprise.

The “Throbble-Head” is made by Aggronautix, which has also created bouncy plastic effigies of such counter-cultural icons as Jello Biafra, GG Allin and Wendy O Williams. Abraham is quoted on the site as stating, “To know that I will now be able to stand myself shoulder to shoulder (on
a toy shelf) with my heroes like Jeff Clayton, Keith Morris and J
Mascis has made all the nights away from my family and stitches in my
head worth it."

Abraham has joked about the bobble-head on his Twitter feed, saying that he is now available in a “home version” and posting such things as, “Now my Bobblehead can beat my son’s Blue Jay Bobblehead’s asses!”


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