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Popping Culture: Hercules & Love Affair explores the ‘C-word’

It’s a touchy word. Some people love it, and celebrate it, but others deride it, calling it one of the foulest words in the english language.


But amongst a very specific group of queer and trans individuals, the word is the utmost in sophistication, power and prowess. In New York, specifically, the word cunt is often used to describe both the people and the soundtrack they walk to when out in the clubs and ballrooms.

On Hercules and Love Affair’s latest album, Feast of the Broken Heart, the band collaborates with Krystle Warren on a track that explores the use of the word, but the video takes this discussion to a greater audience. Directed by Matt Lambert, it features some of New York’s greatest club denizens, including Miss Honey Dijon, Cakes da Killa, Juliana Huxtable and more. Check it out below.