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Popping Culture: If Dixie Carter/Julia Sugarbaker were around today . . .

Although I generally steer clear of “Politics” (with a big “P,” not a little “p"), this little vid could not pass by unnoticed.

In this video mashup — another thing I tend to steer clear of — called “Michele Bachmann vs Julia Sugarbaker,” we are presented with a video by the former Republican candidate wherein she attests to her love of “prayer” and “the values of “life, marriage and faith.” Interspliced with all of this is a clip from the 1980’s sitcom Designing Women wherein Julia Sugarbaker does what she does best: intelligently and politely reams out her opponents.  

Although there are people out there in TV land who delight in dishing about politics — The Daily Show comes to mind — I would argue that it is rare to find a mainstream sitcom on broadcast television that produces such precise and intelligent arguments in today’s television — and political — climate.

Although, personally, I think it would be funnier if someone did a “Marcus Bachmann vs Julia Sugarbaker” video, using this clip:

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