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Popping culture: Jodie Foster says what we all know, and then some

The life of a celebrity is one of secrets, some of them open and some of them carefully (and sometimes expensively) hidden.

One of the most well-known open secrets in Hollywood was about Jodie Foster’s sexuality. 

In a time where our attention span has become minute, it’s sometimes important to remember how and why Foster is a special case. She’s been in the spotlight since she was a toddler and was even the object of desire for a very disturbed individual who ended up shooting a president, “just to get her attention.” To say that she’s been in the spotlight her entire life is to put things mildly.

Which is why it makes sense that Foster has kept certain things private. Yes, her career was strong enough for her to do and say many things that might be deemed controversial, even outside of coming out. This is a woman who has publicly defended Mel Gibson.

So in her speech last night during the Golden Globes, where she received the Cecil B DeMille Award, Foster took the time to say a few things she had on her mind. To some it may have seemed to be a “rambling” speech, but if you take into consideration the context of what Foster’s life has been, her pressure-valve release of a speech is a moving example of what it’s like to be a celebrity in today’s world.

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