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Popping culture: Living in a post-Drag Race world

Now that RuPaul’s Drag Race is finally over — no spoilers here, people, but check out Jeremy Feist’s coverage of the reunion show — it’s time for the post-RPDR publicity machine to kick in.

First up is Courtney Act. 

On her website, Act has stated that she feels she may not have been presented in the best light on this season of RPDR. “Reality TV is as real as I am a woman,” she says. “The character that made up 90% of Courtney on Drag Race is probably less than 10% of who I am in real life. Did I say the things the cameras caught me saying? Absolutely. Was that all I said? Definitely not.”

In her new video, Act eviscerates the so-called mean gays who tend to judge people on superficialities. An apt metaphor? Check it out below.

Moving on to the lovely Adore Delano. In her own words:

Party indeed. Delano is a former American Idol contestant who downplayed her singing career on the show but knew how to deliver it when it was needed. Delano’s look is also very chola at times, a look she decided to play up in her video, “DTF.” She may not be the strongest vocalist, but she knows how to play to a camera, her character in this video being the ultimate sex kitten. 

We’ll have to wait and see if any other alumni from this year decide to throw their hats in the ring in the next few months. Hopefully they won’t wait a few years to do so, unlike some alumni from RPDR who waited two years to do so