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Popping culture: Madonna shits the bed

I am about to commit an act of homosexual heresy: publicly admit that I am disappointed in Madonna.

First, she announces that she will be performing at the Super Bowl with LMFAO. Really? The “Sexy and I Know It” dudes? The guys who sing about “wigglin’’ over a bloghouse sound that was popular five years ago? If I were Berry Gordy, I would make them shut up about being related to me.

This is not to say that I do not love the darling Madge. I remember the moment I first laid eyes on her while she danced about her “Lucky Star,” or the time I asked my third-grade teacher if she was a virgin. I can recite the entirety of “Truth or Dare,” and I even own a copy of “I’m Breathless” on vinyl. 

But then I saw this: 

The video is like an episode of Glee directed by David LaChapelle. And Nicki Minaj? I’m starting to wonder if all she does is appearances in songs and videos. She’s close to becoming the Ed McMahon of pop, although with better styling. Although I am somewhat excited by the idea of MIA and Madonna together, it kind of smacks of what Madonna does best: get someone who does something amazing and inventive and then get them to do it for her to give her credibility among today’s youth. Although these are the signs of an incredibly intelligent woman, one who understands the cultural zeitgeist, there are times when you have to wonder: has Madonna dropped the ball?


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