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Popping culture: Margaret Cho is not a pushover

It’s kind of easy to love Margaret Cho.

She’s funny, she’s quick-witted, she’s prolific and she doesn’t talk down to anyone.

But apparently, someone didn’t like a pic that she tweeted of a new tattoo she got on her ass.

And she didn’t like that. At all.

You see, Cho has publicly discussed her own personal demons with body image, as well as other issues. Her demons are, in a way, part of her comedic schtick. And that’s probably why so many people love and admire her and her comedy. She does something so few of us are willing to do, which is laugh at ourselves, which leads us to love ourselves.

But just because we have dealt with our demons doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally pop up, like bad zits in unfortunate places.

So when someone recently called her out and made disparaging remarks about her and her body, Cho did not take it well. She ended up writing about the incident on her blog.

"Things I could say should be left unheard and unsaid because I am not willing to be the bigger person. I do not take the high road. I take the low road and blows below the belt are my absolute favorite. The best revenge is not living well. The best revenge is revenge. My mouth and mind and typing fingers are weapons of mass destruction and I pity those ignorant idiots who would leave insults about mine or any women’s bodies in comment boxes because there’s ways of hunting people down. Lots and lots of ways. It’s not as anonymous as they think, as stupid as they are.

I mean, really, who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to dump on Margaret Cho? Or any comedian for that matter? You end up being cannon fodder for the comedian, as well as for their ever-loving public.

Although I may not personally agree with her idea of not taking “the high road” — I’m a recovering Catholic who has a thing about karma — I do know one thing: Margaret Cho is a force to be reckoned with, an inspiration, and thank fuck for that.

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