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Popping culture: Nick Offerman offers ‘honey for the money’

Nick Offerman, best known as the meat-loving and bacon-obsessed Ron Swanson from Parks And Recreation, has teamed up with New York Collaborates for Autism in a genius fashion. Swanson is offering his time and his body, for money. That’s right: if you want to see Offerman strip down to his birthday suit, from “nips to nuggets,” you can make a donation to NYCA, and not only can you contribute to what many would argue is a great organization, but you could also help the internet become the place it was meant to be: a sea of naked images of Nick Offerman.

That way, when you look up images of Offerman online, you can find more than just this:

Image via GQ

But you could see what that eagle is hiding.
All in favour, say “Aye!"



And as it’s Friday, that means it’s time for your weekly Office Dance Party. I’ve been digging around lately looking for records that were made for voguing, walking and whacking. Junior Vasquez, he of the “If Madonna Calls, I"m Not Here” fame, created a fiercely tribal homage to the House of Xtravaganza with his record “X."

Now you can strike a pose and duck walk in your office as you wait for the weekend to start.

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