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Popping culture: Praising the unhung hero

Whenever there is an average of something that needs to be measured, there are going to be some who find themselves above or below that average. Unfortunately, we often place those above the average as being better, and those who measure below tend to be given short shrift.

Penis size is a perfect example of this. Bigger is often viewed as better. But is that necessarily true?

Brian Spitz and Patrick Moote want to find out. In Unhung Hero, Moote self-describes as a man who has a small penis. In the trailer, Moote admits that one of the reasons his girlfriend broke up with him was because of his size. So Spitz follows Moote around as he seeks all kinds of advice on how to look at his penis. Should he try to accept it, or fix it?  Check out the trailer and leave your comments below.