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Popping culture: straight people can ‘read’ too

I have to admit, I dig Gavin McInnes.

One of the originators of Vice magazine, McInnes has always been a bit of a pissant. His infamous DOs and DON’Ts column was sartorial satire at its finest. However, it’s nice to see that McInnes is not below (or above) his own contempt, as seen in this video. 

"I look like an apple that’s been left in a van all July,” he says, mocking his crow’s feet. But McInnes doesn’t reserve his best judgment for himself; it is directed toward a lone woman, whom he describes as a “jazz singer at a ski slope who lost her job,” then berates her for her choice of sweater wear.

McInnes is like a straight, butch version of Dorian Corey in Paris Is Burning.

"I think fashion and style is a fun game, and people who take it seriously miss the point, and people who don’t participate miss the point,” he says at the end of the video. I would much rather take fashion advice from McInnes than a certain gay stylist we all know. 

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