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Popping culture: Unzipping Peaches and Cazwell

It was bound to happen.

Canadian electronic goddess Peaches recently collaborated with New York rapper Cazwell on a track and video called “Unzip Me,” which also features cameos by Cazwell’s muse Amanda Lepore, as well as Justin Vivian Bond.

Cazwell’s videos often depict him surrounded by a bevy of young(er) eye-candy (have you seen “All Over My Face"? ). Although this one doesn’t follow that formula, he does make reference to his penchant for those who may not be where they are (fast-forward to 2:13). Personally, I can never get enough of Amanda Lepore. To have her popping up in the video alongside these two is a threesome made in heaven.

I think the best thing about this video is that I heard about it from The Huffington Post. #headexplodes

Warning: language NSFW

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