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Leather, cumshots & ink

I feel like it’s time to find a new favourite pornstar. I’m not entirely sure how this particular and familiar notion comes over me but it’s kind of like a nagging urge ticking inside telling me I need a new fixation.

I suppose there’s a sense in which this is a function of my inherent laziness. At the moment I’ve got a gang of fellas to check out, which means my focus isn’t very narrow, which leads to too much porn to watch — exhausting on the one hand and sore-dick-making on the other.

It’s not that I’m tired of Francesco D’Macho (though the new Staghomme release, the first episode of 30 Cumshots, is dull as dishwater in my estimation) or Damien Crosse (I still have Raging Stallion’s Piss Off! at the top of my list of films to catch). Working my way through the work of Nick Piston is all very well and good, but rather time-consuming. He’s been working since 2002 so I have a lot of catching up to do. (I have the ridiculously titled Leather, Bears and Smooth-Chested Huskies from Pacific Sun next on my list.)

Jake Deckard has kind of fallen off my list of performers to watch but he’s definitely become my favourite director. Have you seen Ink Stain (Screaming Eagle/Raging Stallion)? It’s one of those films actually worth sitting through from start to finish, just to marvel at what happens next. The opening scene is sheer wonky fetishistic lunacy in the good way. Check it out. It features, among others, Aitor Crash, Christopher Darling, Damian Rios and Logan McCree.

Who else? Steve Cruz — Cute, reliable, scrappy. But, you know, he’s kind of peaked in my mind and is relegated to the pantheon: happy when he shows up, but I’m not really searching him out. Ross Hurston is kind of interesting but not really my thing in the end. Maybe he’s just a little too pretty for my current state of mind. I still get a jolt of pleasure when I come across a scene featuring Matt Cole but something about the fact that he’s out of the industry makes him seem a little cold.

I can’t seem to get into the notion of recycling my old obsessions. For one thing I’ve forgotten half their names and for another, to quote from John Waters, fashion has changed. I actually find it hard to watch Blake Harper these days. All I can think is that he should be shilling for the GoateeSaver.

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