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Brazilian hotties

Credit: Alexander Pictures

One of my all-time-favourite porn companies is Alexander Pictures, which specializes in porn starring Brazilian guys with big cocks.

For the 10th anniversary of Alexander Pictures, the owner (named Alexander) released Teach Me Alexander. This title contains all the usual ingredients of Alexander’s work (hot guys in Rio de Janeiro having sex), but it also contains a revelation.

For the first time, Alexander comes out as deaf. The opening scene is a monologue, with Alexander communicating directly to his viewers in sign language.

“It is part of the 10-year celebration. I wanted my customers to know why Alexander Pictures is different from other companies,” he writes in an email to Xtra.

Alexander is a former behaviour specialist born in Moscow. He came to the US in 1991 and founded his company in 2001. He taught his assistant, who speaks English and Portuguese, sign language, and he directs his films with a combination of hand gestures and help from his assistant.

I asked Alexander to tell me a bit about working with his mostly straight models.

“Brazilian guys from Rio de Janeiro are very open-minded in sexual terms, from my point of view. Most straight men are more flexible and willing to do porn when money is offered. Rio de Janeiro has had a deep cultural history related to the sex industry for many years.”

I have always been impressed by the sex scenes shot by Alexander. There is this animal sexuality that seems to be unleashed in his models. Allegedly straight in their real lives, there is clearly such a level of comfort on his sets that they can tap into their human sexuality and “perform” gay sex in a believable manner. Much more than in American-made films starring gay-for-pay boys.

I think that Alexander’s deafness actually gets better results. The behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD for Teach Me Alexander is fascinating to watch. The language barriers seem not to be obstacles, as the models can see from Alexander’s emphatic and elegant use of sign language what he wants to happen. His assistant helps clarify things as needed, but it’s almost as if  Alexander could do it alone with great results.

And, of course, Teach Me Alexander does not scrimp on the sex. The typically thin premise is that he is training a new photographer, the extremely sexy Renato Morales. Of course, Renato ends up naked and in the middle of the action in all the scenes.

“I love working with well-hung monsters fucking younger men. And I love the city of Rio de Janeiro, where I don’t just work, I also have such a great time visiting.”

Todd Klinck is a proprietor of Goodhandy’s. Porndoggy appears in every issue of  Xtra.