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Porndoggy: Alexander Pictures

The men are rugged and Alexander captures it all in simple, beautiful, handheld shooting

FEEL THE HEAT. The divine Ramon Mendez from Alexander Pictures.

His films often start with grand establishing shots of Rio de Janeiro — panoramic views of the city, the ocean, the massive Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks it all. His models are almost universally muscular mixed-race Brazilian guys with big uncut cocks. His settings are poolsides or jungles or military barracks or soccer stadium locker rooms. The director/producer/writer who goes only by the name Alexander has been producing adult videos from San Diego since 2002 but shoots almost exclusively in Brazil.

As he states on his website (, “The line between gay and straight blurs in Brazil. If a guy is horny and he sees someone he likes — male or female — he’ll make a move on them. Plus, the cash available for the photo and video work goes a long way for these South American hunks. It seems that all of the guys in Brazil are willing to show off their super hot bodies and their hung, juice-filled, uncut cocks.”

I know this is my second Porndoggy column in a row to discuss the merits of big, uncut, Latino cocks, but I was always taught to “write what you know.” I promise to diversify my discussions of porn in the future. But for this issue, let’s talk once more about big “hung, juice-filled uncut cocks” and why I think Alexander does Brazilian well.

There is tons of Brazilian porn out there. Gay, straight, shemale — just tons. You’d think the entire nation is populated with gorgeous people who do porn. Friends who have visited Brazil have told me there is indeed a disproportionate amount of beauty. The men in Alexander’s movies are stunningly rugged and free with their bodies. There seems to be a division only between “top” and “bottom” (I have rarely seen a versatile model in an Alexander movie). Other than that, the models don’t hold back. They kiss, they suck, they fuck, and Alexander captures it all in simple, beautiful, handheld shooting. You can tell by his lingering and somewhat quaint cinematography that part of him fancies himself a “filmmaker.” But you can use the fast forward button to skip to the action if you don’t fancy watching studs like Ramon Mendez walk up the entire Christ the Redeemer mountain — all in the name of setting up a very thin plotline in the classic Eight Inches from Brazil.

Ramon is one of the highlights of the entire Alexander series — my favourite scene stars him and another hot Mendez, Alvaro (not his brother), and is set in a public restroom (also from Eight Inches and available on the Best of Ramon Mendez collection, volume one, as well as Best of Alvaro Mendez).

Alexander Pictures has achieved massive success and managed to do so without resorting to bareback films. Brazil is another country that is being raped by bareback producers; it’s almost impossible to find any good Brazilian porn these days where the boys are wearing condoms. It might cost Alexander more to wrap these extra large bananas in Magnums, but at least he’s doing it.