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Porndoggy: Cinemale offers efficient way to see nude male celebrities

There's something hot about regular actors showing off their cocks

Antonio Sabato Jr in Testosterone (2003).

In The Family Guy, Chris and a convenience-store clerk have a discussion of “side-boob” sightings in movies. They trade references to the exact minute in their favourite films they occur, which reminds me of a website I once subscribed to.
It’s called and it’s been around for 10 years. I resubscribe and discover it is better than ever.
Back before the internet, young pervs like Chris and I could only get off if we somehow got our hands on VHS porn, or by surreptitiously renting regular videos where we could see a bit of skin.
There was a magazine at one time — Celebrity Sleuth — that featured photo stills of female nudity in movies, but they also had one special edition of “Nude Dudes.” That magazine heavily informed my movie rental must-watch list. I went to great lengths to locate films where I could see a bit of male ass or some frontal. Richard Gere in American Gigolo and Breathless, various UK art films, Sylvester Stallone in Italian Stallion. Cinemale is a much more efficient way to see movie nudity. It takes just the nude scenes from hundreds, if not thousands, of movies and edits them into downloadable clips. You can search by actor or by title, or you can select to see just movies with frontal nudity or erections.
Cinemale doesn’t discriminate, either; it is thorough and historical in its scope — from Kevin Costner’s flat white ass in Dances with Wolves to the fucking gorgeous Antonio Sabato Jr’s amazing cock shot in the Argentine movie Testosterone to saggy Gérard Depardieu (who always seems to be whipping his cock out).
All the nude scenes from the HBO series Oz are compiled for easy access, and I never fully realized just how pornographic the movie Shortbus is until I watched all the naked scenes in one clip. It can be hard to find quality internet membership sites, especially in the nude male celebrity genre, but this one is totally worth the price of admission if you’re like me and like to see incidental nudity in “legit” films.
And don’t worry — it’s not all softcore. With the explosion of gay cinema and tons of foreign films and actors taking more risks, you’ll see lots of hard cocks. Even Oscar nominee Chloë Sevigny is seen giving a lengthy blowjob to studly Vincent Gallo. With all the internet porn in the world at my fingertips, I still find something hot about regular actors showing off their cocks.
Todd Klinck is a propietor of Goodhandy’s. Porndoggy appears in every issue of Xtra.