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Porndoggy: Tiger Tyson is the king of thugs

Cocky attitude, 10.5-inch cock and a gorgeous face

Tiger Tyson Credit:

Tiger Tyson is right up there with François Sagat in my top-5 favourite pornstars of all time, so I thought I’d check out his blog to see what he’s been up to lately. Turns out he’s in school, getting his master’s degree in mechanical engineering, as well as continuing to produce and star in gay porn.

This self-described “King of Thugporn” started off as a male stripper then quickly established a name for himself appearing in movies produced by Latino Fan Club. His cocky attitude, 10.5-inch cock and gorgeous face have kept him in demand for more than 10 years. He was even inducted into the GayVN Hall of Fame (2008) and has been given kudos and awards for being an advocate for safe sex and for speaking out against barebacking in porn. Interesting Wikipedia fact: he endorsed Hillary Clinton for president back in 2007.

I love the way he fucks and the way he wields his big cock. He’s a total top on film — he won’t even suck cock, and you have to dig deep into his early stuff to find him kissing. He laughs a lot and jokes around with his co-stars and doesn’t put up with a lot of complaining when they resist his cock up their ass — he just keeps pushing and shoves it on in. His sex scenes are joyful.

Like others who have longevity in the gay porn world, Tyson’s got his finger in lots of pies. He directs and produces titles for Pitbull Productions (which he cofounded), and he has his own production company as well. Of course, he also has the requisite Tiger Tyson dildo, a blog and a website. He has spoken often of a Tiger Tyson exercise video, but it hasn’t yet hit the shelves.

His life story was recently made into a play, Confessions of a Homo Thug Porn Star. He is outspoken and says that being open and honest is one of the secrets of his success.

He is bisexual — and just recently admitted that he has a wife. In an online interview, he says it’s important for him to show the world that “not every pornstar is a wasted piece of meat.”

As is common with bisexuals, he gets flak for it. Dialogue from the Confessions play:  “Some mutha-fucka tried comin’ at me the other day wit’ some shit about me bein’ on the down low. Say what? How’m I on the down low, muthafucka? I put my shit out there for you to see, in Dolby and HD!”

Well put. I think Tyson is a role model. His 10.5-inch cock and his combination of street smarts and life experience has made for a fascinating career.