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Pornstar Ricky Sinz’s blog: A fascinating portrait of a sensitive man

Raging Stallion exclusive clearly does not give a fuck what anybody thinks about him

I love pornstar blogs. Well, when they are interesting. And I love big tattoo-covered muscle guys who do porn. Like Ricky Sinz.

Sinz, it turns out, is not “just” a big tattoo-covered muscle pornstar. I learned this from reading his blog. Unzipped magazine issues awards for pornstar blogs, and Sinz’s Hardcore Hangout was honoured as porn’s Most Frightening Blog last year, specifically for a post about how he killed a dog.

But when I went to that post, I didn’t find it frightening at all. The guy served in Iraq for three years; he has gone on record as saying he killed 28 people. Killing a pit bull to defend his six-year-old nephew? That just makes sense. Good for him for having the skill set to do it.

Sinz is an army guy. He was a Special Forces soldier at age 25. He was involved in combat at Fallujah, which permanently disabled him. He challenged the US’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy publicly, then did a gay military-themed adult movie. The army was not impressed; he says it dropped him in rank and refused to give him disability. “Treated me like a piece of garbage, and now they want to deploy me again,” he says.

Sinz is also a DJ. I downloaded all his sets and was blown away. Not just by the mixing, which is great, but by the versatility. According to his blog, he is well respected in the Chicago house scene, having been involved at a young age, pre-military and pre-porn. When he returned from service, he got back into it, using his porn persona to help publicize his DJ persona.

Sinz is bisexual. He addresses this openly in his blog because he also does some straight porn, and he knew he would be getting the “gay for pay” commentary from the masses.

As for the gay porn, it is hot. He is now a Raging Stallion exclusive and has won countless awards for his roles. My favourite is a scene in Gunner World where he bottoms for 14-inch pornstar Gunner. He is so masculine and rough, and watching him sit on that cock is fucking hot.

As for his blog, it is a fascinating character portrait of a sensitive man. He’s clearly got anger issues, but he seems aware of that. He’s got some controversial views — at times even coming across as racist — but he’s spent time in the insane US military, so I don’t blame him for being a bit of a nutbar.

When you read enough posts, you can see he is a sweet guy with a sense of justice. And he is a very interesting entrepreneur and a total individual. He clearly does not give a fuck what anybody thinks about him.

And his posts about his pit bull (Mr Beefy) are adorable.

Ricky Sinz Hardcore Hangout.