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Pornstar Trent Locke mugged in Toronto

BY ROB SALERNO – Falcon-exclusive gay pornstar Trent Locke was in Toronto this weekend, where, he claims on his Twitter account (@TrentLockeXXX), he was robbed of his money and iPhone 4S. If Locke’s TrentUnlocked blog (NSFW) is anything to go by, his phone is full of nude bathroom mirror pics and shots from various porn sets. So if anyone comes across a black-market iPhone full of nude pics of the furry hunk, do the right thing and send it back to him after you’re done masturbating.

Locke is using his old iPhone 4 now, which is why there were two Grindr profiles of him in Toronto all weekend, in case you were wondering. Luckily, Locke’s passport wasn’t stolen, so he’ll have no trouble getting back to the relative safety of Los Angeles at the end of his visit. 

Speaking of Twitter, the condom maker Durex found itself in an embarrassing PR flap this week when its South African branch sent out a bunch of misogynistic jokes over its Twitter account @DurexSA. Seems like the PR firm they hired had been trying to start a #DurexJoke meme, but the whole thing backfired when they sent out a bunch of tired old misogynistic jokes instead. I mean, really, this was one of the best ones they could come up with:

After feminist organizations complained, the DurexSA tweeter defended the jokes, making the situation even worse. South African journalists started talking about it, noting that the tweets came at the beginning of an international event calling for an end to violence against women and children. 

Both Durex and the PR firm have since apologized for the misogynistic jokes and have deleted the offending tweets. 

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