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Pornstar wishes you a happy holiday; Canada bans his film

BDSM pornstar Derek da Silva's film Shock Treatment was recently banned by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), along with Raging Stallion's Piss Off and a handful of other films the government deems to be "obscene."  

Shock Treatment shows da Silva getting zapped and fucked. CBSA has strict "obscenity" policies that prohibit any videos that show sex with pain, even if it's consensual. Read more about electro sex play, in Xtra West's Ask the Expert column.

Da Silva's website says he "has made a career of pushing the edges of gay video so as to more accurately represent the diversity of play found in the BDSM and Sex Fight communities."

As we've seen many times this year, Canada's border agency has targeted gay films, whether they're PG-rated or pornographic.  

Well, just in time for the holidays, da Silva has released a Christmas video message on YouTube:

"This is the crank generator that was used on my nuts — actually shocked my nuts — in the Titan Rough DVD Shock Treatment," he says. "And this is my Christmas tree. Let's see if we can light it up."

Watch it:


"Have a safe Christmas and a very kinky new year!"

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