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Pingay is a one-stop site for keeping track of your favourite online porn

Pingay home page Credit: Pingay

About a year ago, I made the mistake of letting a tech-support guy remotely control my laptop while trouble-shooting a problem. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not like he loaded it with a virus or accidentally wiped my hard drive. Sadly, it was something far, far worse.

He stumbled onto my bookmarked porn sites.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my internet browser is just chock-full of naughty website addresses. I figure God wouldn’t have filled the web with such a bounty of porn if she didn’t know we need an occasional diversion from cats dressed as pirates or Justin Bieber peeing into a bucket. So there it all was, my illicit browsing history, laid out for poor Ahmed to see as he innocently opened up Google Chrome to check my settings.

Granted, the soft-spoken techie did seem a little more enthusiastic after this mortifying disclosure, but it was the startling largesse of bookmarked sites that made me feel downright filthy. If only I’d known about Pingay.

Think of it as the slutty cousin of Pinterest, the site where users can collect and share things they find interesting on the internet. But instead of brownie recipes or designs for the perfect macramé plant holder, Pingay users share their favourite videos and pictures under category headings like Big Cocks or Deep Anal. This is quite the time-saver for those of us visiting the numerous free porn sites in search of a quick fap.

“It’s a simple, straightforward way of organizing your online porn,” says Giles Hirst, product manager for Pingay. “Instead of trolling all the gay sites, you can build up a collection of video and images from all of them and catalogue them here.”

Given that microblogging sites like Tumblr and Facebook make efforts to curtail explicit content (Tumblr’s owner Yahoo now censors tags like #gay, #lesbian and bisexual), it makes sense that some savvy homos found a way to apply social networking to jerking off.

I gave the Pingay interface a test run — strictly for professional purposes, of course. One hour later (I’m very thorough), I was completely satisfied with the site’s easy navigation and already-impressive content. Just one month after launch, there are more than 500 users who have weeded out those annoying teaser clips you find on Xtube or Pornhub in favour of fully realized videos. It’s hard to imagine that nobody thought of this sooner.

“There actually is a straight version called Pinsex,” Hirst points out. “It’s owned by the same company, Pin Digital. They saw a real gap in the market, and it seems to be taking off.”

Hirst comes by his porn biz honestly, having begun his industry career as marketing director for a straight porn company. “It was like in [TV show] Little Britain, with the only gay in the village. I was the only gay in the company!

“I was doing casting for the movies and even wrote a script for one called Desperate Househusbands. I won the Fifa Award for Best Blowjob in a movie. I was so excited, I phoned my parents to tell them. Total silence.”