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Portland’s Loveball comes to Vancouver Pride

JonBenét Ramsey had it good. She took home trophies and then got choked out by her daddy! A girl can’t ask for more. But who will be the legendary child of the Loveball Vancouver Pride Edition? Pre-sale tickets are available now.

Brought to you by Spit and the House of Love, the Loveball at Club 23 is the only ball happening during Vancouver Pride and will see the creative and competitive minds from both sides of the border dressing up and getting down in four categories:


High class and low morality combine to serve you the best of the worst. Let’s see a modern spin on an old format. In this digital age, bitch, you are the cassette tape revival. For the qween who lives in glamour but can’t let go of her demons. Think all of your favourite divas: Crawford, Baker, Monroe, Horne, Devereaux . . . Make us believe you are the qween of the night.

Kreature Feature

For the FX Qween in you. The dramatic. The unique. The editorial. Four years of art school and for whaaa?

Twerk ’N’ Twirl

Come to work that corner, come to work the living fuck out of it! Come to live and thrive and kick and drop and twist and twirl and dance . . . and then some!

And then . . . dim sum. She worked up an appetite. Finally, something for the dancing qweens.

Hanky of the Rainbow

Show us what you’re flagin and let us know you mean it! We want spit, piss, fists, pies, balloons, muscle worship, nipple play, etc.

Enter the ball by registering your house/category at