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This past week definitely had a post-Pride Parade kinda feeling here in Vancouver. So over the weekend, I decided to take some recharge time away from work, do a Davie Street entertainment tour and try to suss out what I'm going to write about in this between time from now until New Years (was worried but there are some great events over the next 6 weeks, check back regularly and search under the Hot in the City tag on this blog for more info). With help from some good and new friends (Rob, Amanda, Cody, Starlen, Peter Breeze and Will), we made a weekend of it – Score, 1181, Celebrities, Odyssey, the Majestic, Pumpjack, Numbers, Oasis…and visited the usual suspects for some fresh perspective.

When you want to dance, you can follow the following:

1) Celebrities: large and diverse crowd

2) Odyssey: best vibe

3) The Majestic: best music

If you're not sure which to pick, visit all three in one night.

And since many of you are off work today and tomorrow, here are two events happening tonight:

Do you remember Christina Sing and Bobby James from Destineak? They're the featured entertainment at tomorrow night's "Green Monday" at Bar None. Here's the poster: 

And here's what you need to know:

ready for another mind blowing Green Room experience on Monday November
10th… Green Monday at Bar None! We have an impressive lineup of
entertainment for you so be sure not to miss out on this night.

Monday will be featuring the EXCLUSIVE video release of Destineak’s
“Gimme What I Came For” with Destineak (Christina Sing & Bobby
James) live on stage with their incredible dancers!

will also be featuring DJ Nestor Delano, a leader in Western Canada’s
house scene spreading electronic music to the masses! His numerous
appearances supporting global superstar DJ’s like Roger Sanchez, David
Morales, Felix the Housecat, and Frankie Knuckles have given Nestor a
solid underground following as well. His sound ranges from deep,
soulful house to bangin’ club bombs and tribal rhythms. Nestor thrives
when he is at the center of a wall-to-wall bumpin’ party like Green

The entertainment doesn’t stop there. We also have DJ’s Kraig & Skilla – 2 of Vancouver’s hottest house DJ’s!

Another good friend of mine invited me and an Xtra West photographer to come to Hershe tomorrow night at the Red Room – we'll see if I can make this all happen, but I'm hoping to show up at both. Here's the info:

HERSHE BAR @ The Red Room
Fierce dj’s, steamy dance floor and lots of room for all your booty shakin'!
RED ROOM – 398 Richards Street
DJ Betti Forde, DJ Soulfunkee, DJ De Lux, DJ Cho Cha
$10 Advance.


Check out Facebook for more information. In light of that failed posting I did in Toronto two weeks ago, I have a bit of a surprise for Tuesday Hotness tomorrow…let's just say a certain "somebody" in San Francisco and I have been talking via email and on the phone…