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Post’s Barbara Kay takes on people with AIDS

Today's stories that have queer people talking

In today’s National Post, Barbara Kay complains that “casting any blame on AIDS victims for their situation, even though AIDS is 100 percent preventable… is, thanks to gay artists and their media minions, culturally unacceptable… bourgeois types like us who lack special sympathy for those afflicted are implicitly racist, homophobic and spiritually lesser beings.” Well,
yes. This media minion pictures Ms Kay as the worst candy striper ever, skipping through hospital corridors squealing, “Sucks to be you!”

A movie version of the celebrated 1951 novel Memoirs of Hadrian is finally on the way and people seem surprised that Daniel “007” Craig and Queer as Folk’s Charlie Hunnam are the favourites to star as the famed Roman Emperor and his teenage lover. I don’t see why — Charlie was always pretty enough to be a Bond girl.

Rabid anti-gay, soldier-funeral-picketing loon Fred Phelps is blaming gays and judges for the fire that burned down his church this weekend, which is silly because it’s very hard to run away from an arson scene in sequined gowns or black robes.