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‘Pray the Gay Away’ counsellor arrested for sexual assault

Just when you thought those gay treatment camps couldn't get any more horrific than they already were, this happens.

Reverend Ryan J Muehlhauser, who apparently specialized in the totally not at all fake career of "curing" people of their homosexuality, was arrested on eight charges of criminal sexual conduct. So basically, a guy allegedly took advantage of confused, scared people for his own personal selfish gains and labelled it as a cure. What the hell.

The accused was a pastor at Lakeside Christian Church in Cambridge, Minnesota, however he met the two men through Outpost Ministries, an organisation which aims to “meet the needs of men and women making the decision to break away from gay life,” according to their website.

The first of the two victims told the police that Muehlhauser ”blessed” him by cupping his genitals. He said that the pastor said he was required to arouse himself in order to find “spiritual strength” and that in an act of “spiritual guidance,” Muehlhauser told him to strip naked, and masturbate in front of him. 

What? No, that's fucking horrifying. How in the hell does this happen? Is there no sort of regulation at all on these things, or — oh, that's right, separation of church and state, that's right. So basically, some religious fuckwad can say they're offering a scientific, medical cure and have absolutely zero legal requirement to actually follow through on that? No, totally, that seems completely legitimate.