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Prentice throws stones in his glass house

Tuesday was not the best day for the Harper Government’s record of competence – or importance on the global stage. First of all, our environment minister, on the eve of major climate talks at the G20, abruptly cancelled a press conference about his participation in these talks. And a subsequent investigation of the summit website shows that Canada is not exactly playing a major role. But wait – isn’t Canada Back™?

Prentice later turned up and commented on the speech by China’s president, but later went on to slam it because it didn’t talk about “binding targets.” Um, this from the same apologist for a regime that only advocates “aspirational targets” with no actual mechanism for compliance – actively sabotaging international agreements to ensure that binding targets aren’t actually set – and no actual plan for emissions reductions other than a bunch of inflated figures for the negligible reductions brought about by a tax credit on bus passes? Seriously? ‘Cause wow, isn’t that kind of hypocritical? (And hey, Canada’s Back™ everyone – pass the word!)

In another stunning display of government competence, the 1-800 number listed for Maritime lobster fishers to get financial assistance turned out to be a phone sex line with “nasty girls” promising “the hottest action.” Wow – I’ll be whoever transcribed those two digits’ face is red.

Remember those photos of the Prime Minister that were scrubbed from the Economic Action Plan website? Well, PCO is trying to claim that they never did exist there. Also, Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia. When presented with chached images of the site with all forty-some pictures of the Prime Minister on it, PCO stopped returning phone calls. Because this is also the government of transparency and accountability, don’t you know?

And finally, Belinda Stronach is back, this time talking about the need to educate girls in order to make real change in the global economy. She’s urging Canada to use its influence as host of the next G8 Summit in order to kick-start these kinds of investments, and her Belinda Stronach Foundation is helping her to help do just that.