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PrEP: Another tool in the arsenal against HIV/AIDS

An extended interview with Magnet’s ‘Nurse Tim’

Daily Xtra speaks with nurse Tim Ryan from the Magnet clinic in San Francisco about PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV/AIDS).

Tim Ryan, manager of clinic services at Magnet in San Francisco, recently spoke with Daily Xtra’s Nic Kazamia about the possibilities and pitfalls of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Ryan, known as Nurse Tim, says that the clinic sees up to 15,000 patients a year, but only about five people a week ask about PrEP.

He thinks lack of information and the high cost of PrEP may be reasons for the low uptake. 

“PrEP could be a financial perk for some drug companies because if you are buying it, it’s not cheap . . . it’s still in the bigger picture cheaper than trying to manage an HIV infection for 40 years.”

Although cost is a factor, Ryan thinks PrEP is a major breakthrough and another important tool in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

See the clip above for the full interview with Ryan. 

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