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PrEP: Who is a good candidate for the controversial drug?

An extended interview with Magnet clinic’s Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson, director at Magnet clinic in San Francisco, speaks with Daily Xtra about PrEP.

Steve Gibson, director at Magnet clinic in San Francisco, recently spoke with Daily Xtra’s Nic Kazamia about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Gibson says that while his clinic doesn’t prescribe PrEP, it provides advice about the controversial drug. “Our policy here is if you think PrEP would work for you, then you should find out about getting on PrEP,” he says. “It can be a good thing.”

Gibson says a good candidate for PrEP is someone who may not be good at using condoms but is good at regularly accessing healthcare. “We help people find out what it is and what it’s not . . . it may work for you or it may not.” 

See the clip above for the full interview with Gibson. 

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