Toronto Diary
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Pretty much anything done in a queeny voice = the funny

I’m calling it right now: super-queeny voices are going to be the new cats by the end of the year. What the hell does that mean, you ask? Simple: It used to be that you could throw a cat into pretty much any video and it would instantly become more hilarious and more viral. But now that cats have peaked due to the creation of Nyan Cat, a void has been created, and the only person who can fill that hole is a super-gay man.

… Shit, yeah, I just heard what I wrote there.

Point is, absolutely anything is funnier when it’s done in a stereotypically gay voice. That’s why you are aware of the existence/awesomeness of the honey badger, or why you know that Paul Lynde used to be alive. Everyone loves a super-gay voice. Why do you think Michele Bachmann married her husband?

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