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Previously on Twinks

The Ryan and Amy Show, which saw the return of Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy to Davie Street after a year off from performing, was triumphant, gassy and as much of a trip as the parents-returning-from-a-rave-high-as-fuck-on-party-mix sketch. Their techno moves and pacifier pouts are legendary! 

Steele and Goodmurphy have great chemistry and are like perverted soul sisters onstage.

There was a “We’re worried about your hole” video clip, about keeping your butthole healthy and happy — after all, it is the third most important body part: “Head, heart, and hole” are basically the new holy trinity. 

“Listen to your hole if you want to be happy,” they sang to the melody of “Listen to Your Heart” by Roxette: “Listen to your hole if you want to survive.” The comparison clips of happy and unhappy holes fit right in amongst the toilet humour. Ryan and Amy are simply scat queens, and I love them for it! The farting was a continuous score throughout the show, accentuated by raucous applause and laughter. 

It was great to see The Junction so busy with the sun still in the sky. The house was as packed as it is at closing time when everyone is rushing around to find a dick to do their last bump off! 

Ah, good times.

The show was two hours of dress-up-box madness. There were so many sketches, costume changes, video interludes and characters, it went by in a flash. Ryan and Amy as Pee-wee Herman. Amy as serial killer Aileen Wuornos sitting at the 1181 bar. Amy as a twinked out/tweaked out (and perfectly smooth, toned and bronzed) power bottom in the video clip Twinks, which had such great lines it makes the Shit Gay Guys Say, etc, viral comedy videos seem stale in comparison.

The two comedians were at their best as musical duo Moms over Miami, Susan and Judy, whose songs were as awkward as the mom jeans riding up their asses. Lyrics like “You get your period, but you like how the tampon feels. Tiny victories, tiny victories” felt oddly anthemic roaring out of The Junction’s speakers. 

Moms over Miami’s other hit, “Yolot” ("You Only Live One Time"), was a perfect reminder to live it laughing.


Find Ryan and Amy in Blitz & Shitz in the next Xtra, on stands June 19, along with my review of Club La Lohan, Hollywood North’s messy new Saturday night party at Oasis Ultra Lounge.