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Pride before the fall

At a Stampede event in Calgary, Stephen Harper declared the “long Liberal era” to be over. Also, Conservatives need to reach out to Quebec, because their honeymoon with Quebec will eventually be over. Bob Rae calls this arrogance and says that after this kind of pride comes the fall.

Andrew Coyne writes about our return to monarchism.

It seems that Google is keeping track of requests for user data by governments and that the Canadian government asked for 38 users’ data over a six-month period last year, mostly in relation to criminal charges. Also, useful to note that Canada’s requests rank pretty low compared to other countries. Note that this may all change should the government pass its “lawful access” laws, which would give police the ability to request this kind of data without a warrant.

Quebec says it's looking into creating its own long-gun registry if the Conservatives eliminate the federal program, as they plan to.

Canada opposed a bid for United Nations recognition of Palestinian independent statehood.

This essay by the now former Quebec City bureau chief for CTV is a powerful send-up of the television media in this country and a (slightly hyperbolic) warning cry about the political direction this country is taking.

Here’s a look at the nascent culture war resulting from the “death of progressivism” in Canada.
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