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Pride by the numbers

A light look at how it all went

Number of Parade entries this year: 51

Number of Parade entries last year: 60

Percentage this year that were floats: one-third

Parade Marshall this year: Councillor Diane Holmes for her work trying to get a $20,000 council grant for Pride this year, and her support over many years.

Number of years that Holmes has worked without success to get city hall to extend its insurance coverage to city festivals: 9

Honourary Flag Bearer this year: SAGE, for their longtime support of Pride

Number of participants walking or on floats in this year’s parade: 744

Number of years that a police officer has wrongly held up the Parade for more than 20 minutes at the corner of Wellington and Elgin streets to allow traffic to pass: 1 — this year

Number of candidates for mayor who participated in the Parade: 3 — Alex Munter, Bob Chiarelli, Larry O’Brien

Number of years in office that passed before one candidate participated: 9 — Bob Chiarelli

Number of years that out gay mayoral candidate Alex Munter has participated in the Pride Parade: 13 — since 1993; in that year and in 2003, Munter was honoured as the Parade Marshall

Number of mayoralty candidates that failed to give the Pride Committee $20,000 in support after giving even larger funds to two other community groups: 1 — Bob Chiarelli

Number of mayoralty candidates that donated money out of their own pocket to help pay for this year’s festivities: 1 — Bob Chiarelli

Amount of money that candidate donated: $500

Number of sitting city councillors who were invited to participate in the Parade as a thank-you for supporting a request for $20,000 in emergency funding: 4 — Diane Holmes, Alex Cullen, Clive Doucet, Georges Bédard

Number who accepted: 2 — Holmes & Cullen

Number of provincial cabinet ministers who marched in the parade: 1 — Health Minister Jim Watson

Number of federal MPs who participated in the parade: 1 — Paul Dewar, Ottawa Centre