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Pride Community Advisory Panel still crafting session questions

Community consultations set to begin Dec 2

After a four-hour meeting on Thursday, the Pride Community Advisory Panel did not have any questions finalized for the upcoming consultation sessions, a panel source said.

A lot of “academic thought” is going into the way the questions are worded, so the panel needs a bit more time, said panel member Kavita Joshi.

“We are designing the survey so we can really get the answers that we need to start developing some recommendations,” she said. “So a lot of thought is going into what we’re asking.

“We have made a significant amount of progress.”

The discussion questions and the survey questions should be finalized within the next week, Joshi said.

Five public consultations are planned, beginning on Dec 2. One consultation is specifically for the trans community and another is geared specifically to racialized communities.

At each consultation, participants will break up into smaller groups to discuss questions such as, “What does Pride mean to you? What would you like to see Pride become? And talk about controversial issues like the corporatization of Pride,” Hawkes told Xtra this week.

There will also be a survey with more detailed questions on the panel’s website or go to the Community Advisory Panel Facebook group.

Xtra has been granted permission to live stream the consultation sessions here on Xtra will also be covering the panel sessions from every angle, asking questions and participating in the process.