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Pride funding motion withdrawn, no chance to speak

Although it was not unanticipated, the motion to defund Pride Toronto (PT) for violating the City of Toronto’s anti-discrimination policy was declared redundant earlier this morning and withdrawn from before the city’s executive committee.

PT will continue, for now, its ban on the term “Israeli Apartheid,” PT will get its city funding and city staff say it’s satisfied that PT is in compliance with the city antidiscrimination policy. 

A small group of gay and lesbian activists, including myself, gathered at city hall to depute the motion, but because it was withdrawn, there was no chance to speak to it. Not allowing deputants to speak is congruent with normal procedure at these things, but Councillor Paula Fletcher dug her heels in briefly, suggesting to committee chair, Mayor David Miller, that we deputants ought to be allowed to speak. To no avail.

Read how the Pride Censorship story developed from the very beginning.

So, as it stands right now the city seems to be content to leave the mess with PT, PT continues to suggest the city mandated the censorship and neither seems prepared to take responsibility for censoring QuAIA.

But that doesn’t mean the fight is over.

Just some planned upcoming events….

Sun, June 27 – Celebrating Free Speech in Cawthra Square Park
Mon, June 28 – Flag Raising for Free Speech
Tues, June 29 – Cabaret

Visit the Pride Coalition for Free Speech Facebook page and check regularly for more details. 

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