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Pride on the street

We asked five revellers why they love Pride

Bennett Moase Credit: Bradley Turcotte
With so many things and people to do during Toronto Pride, it’s impossible to take in every party and parade. Xtra took to the streets to ask people what their favourite aspect of our city’s biggest gay celebration is — and if they plan on having lots of sex in between downing drinks and partying hard.
Bennett: “The parades. I’m really happy about the transgendered parade because we’re LGBTQIA. Diversity should encompass everything. I always go to the Dyke March. It’s fun to watch all the straight men. They push me out of the way so they can snap pictures of all the women. So that’s always kind of cute, and then there’s the main parade on Sunday. Those are the major events I really like a lot. Overall, my favourite part would be the main parade. I like that we have all the LGBT human rights groups at the beginning; it’s the showcase at the beginning of the Pride parade that shows everything that has come before and what it’s all about.
This is what we struggled for and this is what we have done. With everything that’s happening south of the 49th, with Obama-care being passed and what Obama is trying to do. We in Canada can set an example for our neighbours and our cousins and so forth to come and join the rest of the fold of Western countries. It’s a very exciting showcase. We’re one of the top Pride parades in the world. We’re a world-class city now. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t showcase who we are to the world. I’ve done the bike rally from Toronto to Montreal for AIDS and I think I was one of the only people who wasn’t having sex (jokingly). So I haven’t had sex on the bike ride, but if the opportunity arises and the right bear is there. . .”

Peter: “I enjoy the camaraderie of all the gays that are coming in to town as they help everybody and have a good time. My favourite part of Pride is meeting all the new people.”

Jesse (centre): “The hot men from out of town. The Pitbull party is what I’m most looking forward to. I always plan on having lots of sex.”

Angela: “This is my first time ever at Toronto Pride. The best part for me has been that everybody has been so polite and accepting. Specifically I’m looking forward to the transgendered rally tonight.”

Holly: “I’ve never been to Pride Toronto before. I’ve been to Pride in London and Manchester before. My favourite part is the sense of unity and the community feel where everybody is your friend, whereas most other times people stick within their own groups.  I’m most looking forward to the Dyke March and Raging Asian Women when they play on Saturday. [laughs at the sex question] I have a partner.”

Melissa: “Fuck, where do I start? I love everything about it. You’ve got gays, you’ve got straights coming together expressing themselves; being who you want to be and not being judged about it.”