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Pride parades from coast to coast

Today's stories that have queer people talking

For the first time ever, yesterday’s Vancouver Pride parade featured official representation from the RCMP and from Sikh groups, in a final attempt to settle their longstanding dispute over who has the most fabulous hats.

150 people participated in yesterday’s St John’s, Newfoundland Pride parade. That may be a mere fraction of a Toronto crowd but they drank 100 percent more Screech.

Efforts to establish a gay village in Ottawa have been hindered by two oddly opposite surveys — one with 75 percent of local businesses agreeing to make the Bank St strip gay, another with 73 percent of local business wanting to keep it straight. Fine, let’s just split the difference and call it a Bisexual Village.

A world conference of Anglican bishops ended with a “wide agreement” on halting any blessing of gay weddings or ordaining gay clergy. It’s a delay they’re calling “a season of gracious restraint.” Because human rights are just so rude.