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Pride plans New Year’s Eve fundraiser

New committee moves into action

The interim Pride Committee Of Ottawa has wasted little time in getting itself into gear and up to speed.

The 10-member committee, unanimously elected during Pride’s annual general meeting (AGM) on Oct 28, has been charged with the arduous task of developing a financial plan to deal with its staggering debt of about $100,000, as well as looking at ways to improve and update its corporate structure.

“We’re really trying to sort through stuff right now, it has been kind of crazy, and we’ve only been given 90 days from the AGM to fulfill this mandate, so we are really working to ensure that that happens,” says Pride Chair Jon Pollock.

Pollock, who is also the reigning Miss Queen Of Pride, says one of the first orders of business for the interim committee was to elect its executive board shortly after October’s general meeting.

The committee’s executive slate includes Pollock as chair, first vice-chair Darren Fisher, second vice-chair Marion Steele, secretary Lee Callan and treasurer Monique L’Heureux.

Pollock says the board currently is putting the finishing touches on its next fundraiser, a New Year’s Eve “bash” at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, located at 101 Lyon St. Tickets are available at Wilde’s and After Stonewall.

“The committee did it last year, and it was quite a success,” he says.

The evening will include dinner and dancing, but two different ticket prices: one for those who want to attend both the dinner and the dance, and another for those who just want to attend the dance – which will feature DJ Josee Leonard spinning for revellers well into the New Year.

In addition to focussing on raising funds, Pollock says the committee has also quickly taken steps to address its record debt.

“There’s going to be phone calls and letters sent out from our treasurer, just reassuring [creditors] that we are looking into everything and trying to move forward with it the best we can at this point,” says Pollock. “Given that we are 10 completely new members to the committee, we are just trying to sort through everything.”

As well, Pollock says the committee has also begun to look at ways of improving Pride’s internal governance and transparency.

And so far, he says, the committee’s meetings have been constructive and positive.

“We all work very well together, which is very surprising considering we’re meshing 10 different personalities,” says Pollock. “But it’s actually working very, very well.”


Fri, Dec 31.

Crowne Plaza Hotel.

101 Lyon St.

Dinner 7pm; dance 9pm.

Tickets: Dinner/dance $50; dance only $20.

Available at Wilde’s (367 Bank St) and After Stonewall (370 Bank St).

Info: 238-2424 or e-mail